FAQ's For inked Circus Events

The Following Information is for our Attending Artists and Vendors. Please note, many of the FAQ's have been either brought forward as questions by our Attendees, information given to us by our Venues or brought to you by Inked Circus and it's crew. At anytime, if there is something that isn't answered; please feel free to pose it as a question to us and we'll not only respond with an answer as best as we can but also add it here for future show FAQ's. 


Now, Let's Get Started. 

At this point, you should have already submitted your Application and received your Invoice, paid it and are ready to attend Inked Circus...but are you? Let's dig into more information you'll need for the shows: 

What To Expect When You Arrive:


Doors Open on the FRIDAY of the show 5 HOURS PRIOR to show time. (ex. Most of our shows Start at 3pm on the Friday. So, doors will open at 10am for Artist Setup). You must check in at the main entrance. There you will receive your Booth Information, Artist Lanyards/Wristbands and be escorted to your Booth by one of our Inked Circus Staff. (Please do not bring clients in at this time, they will not be permitted). 


For Deliveries, please double check with show staff, but most venues will allow the dropping off of pallets prior to the show. Each venue is different, so we will clarify this as we're going through the tour. Any Questions please email info@inkedcircus.com. 


We will do our best to accommodate for special requests like "I want to be near the stage" or "I want to be furthest from the stage", "can I be beside xxxx" but these requests must be in advance and cannot be altered at the show as that would completely disrupt the floorplan. Requests should have been in your application, but if you missed it please email: info@inkedcircus.com

Now, You have your booth. But what's in it? 

This is an interesting question, as we realize there are many Artists that have chosen Inked Circus as their 1st ever Convention. *Thank you. 

So a Booth (regardless of the size you selected) consists of the same things. 

- Pipe and Drape. Back wall is normally 8' Tall. Side walls are normally about 36-40" tall, with 1 dividing sidewall between each shop. If your booth has multiple Artists, you will find 1 sidewall at each end of your booth, dividing you from the next Shop or Vendor beside you. 

- Power. Approx. Every 10ft, a 4 socket plug.

- A 6ft Skirted Table and 2 Chairs per booth (10x10) or (8x8) Larger Booths will receive their equivalent of Chairs and Tables.   

That's what your Structural Booth consists of. 

Supplied By The Show: 

You'll find that our Inked Circus Shows try to think of many things that we can provide to make sure your booth is ready to Tattoo in. 

You'll receive at your booth: Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol (70% Isopropyl), Sharps Container (1 per Booth), Garbage Can(bags inc). 

Intenze Tattoo Ink is a Tour Sponsor and will provide an INTENZE INK STATION for Artists to use during the show. 

What do you need to bring? 

Pretty much everything else, Although Suppliers are onsite we have developed a list of the things you should try and remember to bring: 

- Your Show Banner / Table Cloth. (Again Tables are skirted not covered)

- Your Bed, Stool/Chair and Station. 

- Your Machines, Pedals, Power Supplies, Cords, portable Stencil machines, Stencil Paper (Thermal or Freehand to avoid the lineups) and a power bar. 

- Your Inks (if Intenze isn't your favorite)

- Your Needles

- Your Flash Books (if you have them, price them) People don't realize how valuable that little change is. When you're busy tattooing the public doesn't want to bother you so they flip through and keep walking. When flash is priced, people know what they want and ask for it. 

- Your Stickers - NEVER EVER underestimate the power of a sticker. 

If you forget anything though, don't worry; we've got you covered with the Suppliers in the shows as well. 

So now, you're all set up. What's next? 

Ready to Tattoo? Not yet. Local Health Board will be at the show and require you to pass inspection first. 

Health Board Requirements: Not Tattooing / Piercing can proceed without inspection. Near the entrance to the show you will find a table reserved for Public Health. Once you're all set up ready for inspection, head over and inform an inspector of your booth number. They will send someone over to do your inspection. 

Health Board requires all items requiring sterilization be pre-sterilized, one time disposable. NO Sterilization is permitted on-site.

Now you have your health board pass, you're ready to Rock the Weekend! 

Speaking of Rocking the weekend, Our shows include Concerts. Your Pass gets you into all the events Inked Circus has to offer, so remember that includes the night time concerts. Please enjoy the shows, they are for you. 

When the weekend starts to come to an end: Please respect the show, guests and other Artists. What this means is do not tear down early, people have paid to be there and there is nothing worse than seeing people tearing down 1-2 hours early. There's plenty of time at the end of the show to pack up. 

ADDED FAQ's From Artists and Vendors: 

Q: Are table cloths provided, and if yes, are they black? 

A: No, Tables are Skirted in Black as well the Drapes are Black. There is usually a white cover on the Table, but not all show tables are the same. Also, if we ever run into a situation where a hall/venue has carpet, we protect the carpet with poly plastic. (do not remove this). 

Q: Are there any rules regarding how the space is set up, if there can be floor vinyl down, etc.?

A: No, there are no restrictions as to how you set up your booth ex Vinyl floors etc. However, nothing can be left behind when you tear down. As well as nothing can be stuck to the floor or taped down as it leaves adhesive. 

Q: Can a fresh Tattoo walk around the show? 

A: Yes, However if your client is being Tattooed and needs the bathroom, please cover your clients Tattoo as they would contaminate everything they touch. If your clients Tattoo is finished, they must be properly bandaged walking around the show and covered if they are attending the concerts. 

Entering your clients fresh tattoo in a contest?

If your client is entering a contest, cover them with temporary saran wrap until its time to approach the stage. Give them a good clean wipe down at your booth and then escort them to the stage area. You're permitted to wipe them down as you wait but in a hygienic manner (i.e. with gloves on ... sorry this needs to be said) and discarding wipes directly in the garbage right away; Do not walk around the show with contaminated wipes. 

Talk to another of our Sponsors for advice, DermalCare, the best in Tattoo Dermal Bandages. 



We'll keep adding to this section as we come across more FAQ's 



- Team Inked Circus