Inked Circus Tattoo Expos Inc. Reserves the rights to the following. 

1. To Record, Take Photos, Live Stream, Social Media and use for promotional purposes. This can and will not be limited to the use of these items to promote future expos or to revisit previous editions of the expo. This items will only be used for the purpose of branding and promotion and are not to be used in any negative light. Any reuse by parties not authorized will be required to remove them and possible fines. reuse is not prohibited without the written permission of Inked Circus Tattoo Expos Inc. As it is impossible to get everyone's individual authorizations during a live event, this disclaimer will act as acceptance for these acts by its Staff, Artists and Attendees.   

2. Under Age. Although the Age varies by opinion, Inked Circus Tattoo Expos Inc reserves the right to protect itself and it's Artists. 18 is the age of consent here in Canada and that is the age we follow to allow to be Tattooed at our events. However, with parents in attendance, and waiver signed; the age of acceptance is 17. However, anyone younger (to be tattooed) is not acceptable and will be removed from the shows, non-refund. 

3. Drinking at Inked Circus Tattoo Expos Inc Events is the same as everywhere else in Ontario, 19+. Please drink responsibly. 

4. Smoking / Vaping. There is no smoking or vaping allowed indoors in Ontario. Please seek a designated smoking area during the shows.