* This is the Barrie Floorplan as it currently stands. We reserve the right to make any changes deemed necessary for the shows requirements. Thanks for your understanding. 


Ash Gray Ink​
SAT ONLY BARRIE Clear Mind Casting Daniel Wright
1 BARRIE Contest Registration Booth
2 BARRIE The Clockwork Beetle Mari
3 BARRIE The Clockwork Beetle Mari
4 BARRIE Uptown Tattoos Montreal RJ
5 BARRIE Uptown Tattoos Montreal John Duro
6 BARRIE North Side Ink Daryl Brenner
7 BARRIE Glen Hartless Glen Hartless
8 BARRIE Kissing Ink Elisha Lockley
9 BARRIE Trish Synn Trish Synn
10 BARRIE Ninjew Tattoo Sean Martell
11 BARRIE Shuman Tattoos Brandon Shuman
12 BARRIE Nate Dostal Tattoos Nate Dostal
13 BARRIE Nighttime Nicholas Nicholas Tsangarides
14 BARRIE Opaque Andrew Batten
15 BARRIE Iza Tattoo Isabella Lavoie
16 BARRIE Thinkin ink ltd Ryan Belich
17 BARRIE Nicole’s Custom Tattoo Nicole Battiste
18 BARRIE Jack Tong Tong Jack Pan
26A BARRIE Storm Horse Tattoo Jacqueline Pavan
26B BARRIE Storm Horse Tattoo Stephanie Metcalfe
29A BARRIE Fresh ink Studios inc. Jahlina Baxter
29B BARRIE Fresh ink Studios inc. Kimberlyn Harper
30A BARRIE Fresh ink Studios inc. Andre Smith
30B BARRIE Fresh ink Studios inc.
32A BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Dana Browne
32B BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Danii O'Connor
33A BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Danielle diane
33B BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Purtalic
34A BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Aruna Urquhart
34B BARRIE Ruby Tattoo Studio Rachel Hamel
36A BARRIE Sorry Mum Tattoos Oliver Wilkinson
36B BARRIE Sorry Mum Tattoos Luc Michaud
37A BARRIE Sorry Mum Tattoos Noemie Henley
37B BARRIE Sorry Mum Tattoos Eric Joanisse
38A BARRIE McKee Tattoo Anna Miller
38B BARRIE McKee Tattoo Jenna
39A BARRIE Endeavour Tattoo Ian Miller
39B BARRIE Endeavour Tattoo Brandon Reid
42A BARRIE LimeStone Tattoo Ayles Love
42B BARRIE LimeStone Tattoo Nigel Bowen
43A BARRIE Jordyn Tattoos Sydney Bouillon
43B BARRIE Jordyn Tattoos Chelsey Dupree
44A BARRIE Jordyn Tattoos Jordyn Greer
45A BARRIE Little Witch Tattoo Vii
45B BARRIE Little Witch Tattoo Josh Farron
47A BARRIE Luna Ink Lea Luna
47B BARRIE Luna Ink Oliver Urbano
48A BARRIE Luna Ink Dayan Torres
48B BARRIE Luna Ink Madelyn
49A BARRIE Grey Harbour Tattoo Sophie Christina
49B BARRIE Modern Traditions Tattoo & Piercing Stephen Brignall
51A BARRIE Perfect Image (Barrie) Shop
51B BARRIE Perfect Image (Barrie) Amanda Nichole
52A BARRIE Perfect Image (Barrie) Anya Ins
52B BARRIE Perfect Image (Barrie) Dallas Grey
55A BARRIE Ash Gray Ink Taehwa Kim
55B BARRIE Ash Gray Ink Vicky
59A BARRIE Primal Attitude Supply Vendor
59B BARRIE Primal Attitude Supply Vendor
60A BARRIE Primal Attitude Supply Vendor
60B BARRIE Primal Attitude Supply Vendor
61A BARRIE Primal Clothing Vendor
61B BARRIE Primal Clothing Vendor
63A BARRIE Lakeside Ink Jessie Marshall
63B BARRIE Lakeside Ink Lisa Marshall
64A BARRIE Lakeside Ink Ella Burton
64B BARRIE Lakeside Ink
66A BARRIE VenusMoon Emporium Katerina Girgenti
66B BARRIE VenusMoon Emporium Katerina Girgenti
67A BARRIE Flow Tattoo Sophia Rusin
67B BARRIE Flow Tattoo Rafael mathias
68A BARRIE Lords Ink Roger
68B BARRIE Lords Ink Jordan
69A BARRIE Matchbox Tattoos Scott Olsen
69B BARRIE Matchbox Tattoos Richard Wang
71A BARRIE JR Tattoos Inc. JR Trujillo
71B BARRIE JR Tattoos Inc. JR Trujillo
73A BARRIE Renegade Tattoo David Sanders
73B BARRIE Renegade Tattoo Dahlia
74A BARRIE Wright Ink & Artwork Melissa Wright
74B BARRIE Wright Ink & Artwork Eric Escott
75A BARRIE Archive Tattoo Jon Muldoon
75B BARRIE Archive Tattoo Tania Zhang
76A BARRIE Cervena Fox Performer
76B BARRIE Cervena Fox Performer
79A BARRIE Ink by Rodriguez Shay cure
79B BARRIE Ink by Rodriguez Nathan Rodriguez
80A BARRIE Pine Ink Damon (Xu Han)
80B BARRIE Pine Ink Raven (Halloween ink)
81A BARRIE Flamewise Daniel Verdysh
81B BARRIE Flamewise Laura Dragicevic
82A BARRIE Flamewise Justice Laigo
82B BARRIE Flamewise Nicole Histon
83A BARRIE Flamewise Valentyn Bukata
83B BARRIE Flamewise Jenna Gaetano
84A BARRIE Flamewise Oleksandra Kotliar
84B BARRIE Flamewise
86A BARRIE 905 INK Ace Gill
86B BARRIE 905 INK Amanda Rose
87A BARRIE 905 INK Bhupi Saggar
87B BARRIE 905 INK Jennifer Tran
88A BARRIE 905 INK Manvir Bajwa
88B BARRIE 905 INK Nittin Chauhan
89A BARRIE 905 INK Vivek V
89B BARRIE 905 INK Shop Booth
91A BARRIE Blackgate Tattoo Jay Slaven
91B BARRIE Blackgate Tattoo
92A BARRIE PointSol Kim
92B BARRIE Pointsol Grayson
94A BARRIE Stained of the Art Mark Zammit
94B BARRIE Stained of the Art Matthew Parliament
95A BARRIE Stained of the Art Justin Schell
95B BARRIE Stained of the Art
96A BARRIE Matchbox Tattoos Kyle Vicente
96B BARRIE Adrenaline Tattoos Hunter Robinson
97A BARRIE Steel N Ink Ernesto Santizo
97B BARRIE Stratosphere Ink Branden Burness
98B BARRIE Lil.Bear Jake
98A BARRIE Lil.Bear Jake
100A BARRIE Pushin' Ink Scotty Crypt
100B BARRIE Pushin' Ink Sin D
101A BARRIE Velaris Ink Kristy McKinney
101B BARRIE Velaris Ink Sabrina Morabito
102A BARRIE Velaris Ink Ashli
102B BARRIE Velaris Ink Kenzie Luna
103A BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Alana Danielle
103B BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour David Green
104A BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Donnie Henhawk
104B BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Edwin Dyet
105A BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Jon Champagne
105B BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Lauree King
106A BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Amanda Collins
106B BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Vishal The Piercer
107A BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour Autumn La Pointe
107B BARRIE Pure Pain Parlour ShivTattoos